Shear-wave splitting in Matlab


SKS splitting database

We present a Graphical User Interface to facilitate the processing of teleseismic shear-wave splitting observations. In contrast to a fully automated technique, we present a manual, per-event approach that maintains a user control during the sequence of processing. The SplitLab environment is intended to undertake the repetitive processing steps while enabling the user to focus on quality control an eventually the interpretation of the results. Pre-processing modules of SplitLab create a database of events and link the corresponding seismogram files.

The seismogram viewer tool uses this database to perform the measurement interactively. Post-processing of the combined results of such a project includes a viewer and export option. Our emphasis lies in the application to teleseismic shear-wave splitting analysis, but our code can be extended easily for other purposes.

To efficiently analyze and interpret the growing datasets, we present here SplitLab. With its intuitive “button approach” we aim to provide a modern, efficient, flexible and user-friendly workflow. Based on Matlab, this environment is platform independent. A set of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) embrace the entire splitting workflow, including the selection of appropriate earthquakes and data requests in various formats. Furthermore, a seismogram viewer is provided for the selection of the relevant phase window and the resulting splitting diagnostic plots. The process is saved as a ‘Project’, providing for the possibility to conduct multiple analyses on the same data set or easy exchange of data between researchers.

SplitLab is designed and tested for the use of teleseismic, three component records of permanent stations in SAC format. However, the shear wave splitting analysis of other phases, such as direct S or ScS, and the analysis of temporary networks are also possible.

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Barruol, G., Wuestefeld, A., & Bokelmann, G. (2009). SKS-Splitting-database. Université de Montpellier, Laboratoire Géosciences.

The SplitLab configuration panel

The SplitLab earthquake statistic plot

The SplitLab database Viewer

The SplitLab seismogram Viewer

The SplitLab diagnostic Viewer